The Great Adsense Experiment

Monday, January 30, 2006

The experiment is underway

Adsense? What's this all about?

On my Christmas/New Years holidays I found myself with a bit of spare time. I was surfing around the net and came accross a few "how to make money with Google Adsense" websites, and it got me thinking... in particular:

I'm certainly not a newbie to Adsense, since I looked into the concept around 14 months ago. At the time when I crunched the numbers, I couldn't imagine there being a way to make significant profit out of it... however, there were a couple factors I overlooked... all my calculations where based on creating just 1 websites, making just 5 cents per click.

When I saw how other marketers were generating dozens and even hundreds of quality websites targetting higher paying keywords, a light switched on. As a proficient web developer and internet marketer, I thought it would be worth a try... what have I got to lose?

On Jan 2 2006 I started out building a few small article-focused niche website. I started regularly reading about how others have made money using Adsense, and integrating their techniques into my methods.

To say it's been smooth sailing would be a gross overstatement. So far it's been a lot of trial and error, and a few mistakes along the way. But hey, that's the only way to learn! :-)

So I've started this blog to document my progress and help make sense of the ideas whizzing around my head. And hopefully other Adsense newbies will find this useful. If experienced Adsense "gurus" have any useful ideas or feedback, feel free to post a comment on this blog.


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