The Great Adsense Experiment

Monday, February 20, 2006

Thomas Edison was onto something...

After a massive problem with my hosting company, all of my 44 mini sites were lost. Unfortunately I didn't keep a back-up on my computer so there's at least 4 weeks of progress gone down the drain! Arrrrrrgh!

So what's next? Ok, I'm trying 2 things at the moment:
1) Trying out DSG to auto-generate hundreds of scraped pages. The concept is the bigger the net, the more traffic you'll catch. At the moment, I'm up to 39 niche sites (around 200 pages each), and only MSN has got them listed (within just a few days)
2) Clickbank affiliate program + Google Adwords. However, Google have a policy of only 1 affiliate link displayed at any one time. So that's my guess why my ads aren't showing. How annoying! So I'm making a variation of a "comparison page" where several products are compared side-by-side. Let's see what Google says about that.

As Thomas Edison once said, eventually you'll run out of things that don't work and success is the only option.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I've been blogged!

I had a really useful chat with John Chow the other day. From experience I've found that most guys making big bucks on the net are either:
1) Very vague about how they make their money (they provide generic tips)... very secretive; or
2) They cash out on what they know and sell an e-book for $27 bucks a pop... then it becomes diluted and loses its effect.

So it was really nice of John to share some "inside tips" on making money on the Net. He's even posted a useful article at:

Adsense placement and images

I came accross a great post on DigitalPoint Forums describing how to place images near Adsense ads to improve the click-thru rate.

I think that the ads not only look better, but it helps them to blend in with the rest of the content. Very smart!

The Holy Grail is found!

A really useful online magazine, A List Apart, offers great web design tips. It describes itself as "for people who make websites", but it's not only for computer geeks... its for everyday bloggers as well.

One of their recent articles "In Search For The Holy Grail" describes how you can put the center column content (the important stuff that Google's crawlers need to analyze) at the top of the HTML page, not after the side columns. Matthew Levine's code is almost perfect and definitely worth a close look.